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"Clarity of vision, infusion of mood, an intensely strong connection to the core of what is important in visual art - this is what Jack so invigoratingly communicates to the world through his painting.

Whether through figurative, abstract, or still life works, Jack's positive personality is evident in his primitive, uncompromising style. Cutting through to the heart of a subject, Jack explores the essence of the world around him, sharing the way he sees that world with us. We cannot help but feel enriched when given a glimpse, no matter how brief, into his vibrant world."

- David Hynes, gallery ohoh, 2003

Jack was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1930. After backpacking around the world in the 1950's, he settled with his wife Lyla in Toronto where they live in one of the city's many river valleys. At times reclusive and not as prolific as many of his contemporaries, Jack has exhibited sporadically throughout southern Ontario over the years and is always experimenting with new modalities for his creative spirit.

Alternating for many years between fine art and commercial work, Jack had a studio in Yorkville in the 1960's and was the lead designer for the Canadian First Nations pavilion at Expo 67, known at the time as the Indians of Canada Pavilion.

It is with great sadness that we must add to this that Jack passed away in August 2007. He lived a wonderful life, filled with joy and love, giving so much of himself to his family, friends, and work. We all miss him deeply.

Jack's obituary.

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